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I’ve subjected you to a few rather longwinded blog posts recently. So here, by way of a palate cleanser, is a pictorial essay I’m calling ‘The Farmlet in Winter’.

Nell the Kunikuni pig

Nell covered in mud, and hoping earnestly for food. Fig and Nell will sit on command if you have carrots.
It’s a good trick, and one which never fails to impress visitors.

Giselle the guinea fowl

Giselle, who has become a bit of a tyrant in the chicken house, shows us her imperious look.

Pony nose

Summer’s adorable velvety-soft nose.
Summer also hopes earnestly for carrots, she does not, however, sit on command.

Pony skid marks

What she does like to do in winter is to go hooning around the paddock practicing her sliding-stops.
Because *horse*!

Bonnie the pony in the Seven Acre Wood

Bonnie takes every possible opportunity to eat, insisting she is at imminent risk of starvation <rotfl>.
Here she is grabbing a few bites of greenery during a winter walk in Seven Acre Wood.

Rhubarb plant

In the vegetable garden there’s a forest of rhubarb starting up.
I planted a few extras last year because I’ve taken a liking to stewed rhubarb with my AntiGene granola.

Munstead Wood rose

Meanwhile the Munstead Wood rose popped out a surprise midwinter bloom in the English Garden.

Tete a tete Daffodils

And here are the miniature Tête-à-tête daffodils just in time for the change of season.
Why is it that I find tiny things so cute?

Well that was winter. I have a couple more muddy tales to tell you, and then we’ll be romping into spring! I’m more than ready to leap into a season of baby lambs (due any day now), short but ‘refreshing’ swims, and sowing seeds for summer vegetables. Perhaps Deborah and I might even making a start on rehabilitating that ramshackle old greenhouse.

What do you most look forward to doing this spring?



  1. Thank you for our lovely visit this weekend. It was so relaxing I slept … a lot. I did manage to greet Fig and Nell though but they were disinterested in my carrotless self. 🥕🤨

    • You are most welcome. It was very good to see you and The Man of Many Board Games. I’m glad it was restful.

      Addendum from pigs and ponies: Carrot-less-ness is not tolerated around here. Please try to do better next time.

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