I’m feeling like a real farmer today after Deborah, Stephen and I watched one of our ewes deliver a lamb. I suppose I might have felt even more like a farmer had we needed to intervene, but thankfully mama sheep managed just fine on her own.

The other pregnant ewe produced twin boys on Friday. We completely missed that birth. The first we knew was when Stephen’s possum hunting headlamp illuminated an extra two pairs of sheep eyes late on Friday night. I snuck this photo on Saturday morning.

Ewe and lamb

Cute baby animal photo alert.

Spring is off to a great start in our little corner of the world with these three babies boosting our sheep population by 100%. What are the spring happenings in your neighbourhood?



  1. OMG OMG OMG! I’m now way to excited to sleep. I must reregulate. Thank God I have a visit planned!!!!!!

    • Actually I believe it tastes much like LAMB. In fact I have recently eaten such and it did. You are evil to bring this topic up when we have just birthed three boy lambs.

  2. That’s a very cute shot. Take some more of them frolicking in the meadows. One cant have too many cute baby animal photos.

  3. Ah can’t compete with baby lambs. But since you ask we do have a daily abundance of sugar snap peas. Now there’s a thought. What goes with lamb? And mint for the sauce. Oh dear cover their ears.

    • Being boys they are all three destined for the freezer. I will write sometime soon about our first meal made from last year’s home reared lambs. Definitely not talking about that in front of the sheep.

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