A Woolly Tale, by Nurse Jenny

This is a guest post from my lovely friend Nurse Jenny. No-one is more qualified to write about wool than she. Rumor has it that the many skeins of wool she has collected, laid end to end, would stretch from her office all the way to Crave Café.

It’s a slightly boring story of how I’ve ended up doing a Guest Blog so we’ll leave that out. The important thing is that Chrissy and I share a passion for things crafty and woolly, although only Chrissy has attained the heights of actually producing her own sheep.  So when I spotted a notice for the Creative Fibre Northland Expo featuring pictures of both a Spinning Wheel (for Chrissy) and Sock Knitting Yarn (for Me) we considered for 20 seconds and knew we had to go.

The show was back in July but Time is only relative after all

Leaving our bemused (and forbearing) families behind we set off on A Mission to discover the delights of Northland Fibre all in one place. We were not disappointed. I was quite overcome by a stall of Sock Knitting Yarn, having only ever seen such a thing before on The Internet (very surprisingly it’s only recently that NZ has either produced or supplied good quality sock knitting yarn). Chrissy herself remained calmer and picked up lots of handy Spinning Tips from the locals.

Very pretty sock knitting yarn

As well as the delights of Spinning and Socks there were various yarny stalls to browse through and some stunning works of art by local crafters. Quite a bit of time was spent ooh-ing and ahh-ing and feeling inspired. We did ponder giving up our Day Jobs to make more time for yarny pursuits, but Chrissy has ponies to keep in hay and I have teenagers. I might however have slightly supported the local economy by coming away with a lovely haul of woolly goodies, always a Good Thing …

Fibre arts Whangarei

Just amazing and the pictures don’t do it justice

Balls of wool and an alpaca

Nurse Jenny’s Haul, including Annie the Alpaca

Feeling tired but happily woolly we returned to The Farmlet for a cup of tea. We shall return, next year.



  1. It was such fun! And I’ve managed to knit up a blue pair of socks with my purchases. The rest is happily stashed … 🙂

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