Farmlet Facts

Land Area:

5.8HA / 14.3 acres


The writing is a bit small I know. If you are like me and resisting bifocals you can click to enlarge.

The writing is a bit small I know. If you are like me and resisting bifocals you can click to enlarge.

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Residents on site:

At CEDARS house: Chrissy B, The Forbearing Husband, Favorite Stepson, Kitty-Pop, Maisie and Nina.

At KRAGBOLS house: Deborah and Stephen.

CEDARS House Floor Plan:

CEDARS house plan.

CEDARS floor plan — approximate only.

Fruit trees on site:

  • Lemons x 4  (1 Lisbon, 3 Meyer)
  • Navel oranges x 30
  • Blood Orange x 1
  • Tangerine x 2
  • Tangelo x 1 (I think — it has the little bump thing)
  • Grapefruit x 1: Planted on CEDARS side of Upper Meadow in July 2016.
  • Pomelo x 1
  • Mandarins x 3 (are some tangerines?)
  • Lime x 2: Original lime (Bearss?) has quite a bit of citrus borer. GP says it will probably survive though. Succession lime (Tahitian) was planted north side of Top Paddock shelter belt in September 2016.
  • Kaffir Lime x 1: First was planted near the chicken run August 2016 and subsequently destroyed in July 2017 by a falling shelter belt tree. A replacement is in the garden at House Kragbol.
  • Figs x 2: The third fig, which was planted right next to the deck about 3 feet from CEDARS house, was removed by DFM in August 2016, and re-removed after it grew back by SB and RWC.
  • Pears x 2
  • Apples x 1: The older one by the orange grove looks in very poor condition, HB says ditch it and start again (we waited a while, but it has subsequently been removed as it didn’t recover). A replacement, planted July 2016 on east side of chicken run is a Captain Kidd.
  • Plums x 2: The ‘Louisa’ is young and in good condition, ‘Whomping Plum’ is looking very sad.
  • Guavas yellow x 2
  • Guava red x 1
  • Olive x 1
  • Feijoas x 9
  • Pomegranate x 1 (not yet old enough to fruit, but identified by CRW). After 3 years of no fruit we wonder whether it is an ornamental pomegranate. If so it’s days are numbered.
  • Banana palm x 1 (ex- Uncle F, Riddell Rd Banana Republic). Suffered from frost damage 2016 and 2017, but doing better in 2018 since removal of the two large cypress that were shading it in the morning.
  • Loquat x 2
  • Macadamias x 2 (both chain-sawed to the ground by B-Ps, but starting to make a come-back)
  • Tamarillo x 1 (yellow variety, was hit hard by frost in the 2015 winter) RIP 2016.
  • Kumquat x 1
  • Persimmon x 1: Being crowded out by the shelter belt in the chicken run, but freed by CB in August 2016 from the Totara seedlings that were also encroaching on it. Update 2018: looking healthier, but seems unlikely to fruit given lack of sun under shelter baelt. Maybe replace.
  • Cherimoya x 1 (between old bean fence and the Bottom Paddock fence, near fig tree)

Other random fruiting plants:

  • Grapevines x 2
  • Passionfruit vine x 4. One near feijoas in chicken area, not getting much sun and little fruit. Three more planted 2017 against swimming pool fence on CEDARS house Nom-Nom lawn.
  • Blueberry x 1
  • Boysenberry x 1