It happened today! The first swim of the new season. Executed with style, and the speed of a woman outrunning hypothermia, by Daredevil Deborah.

A conversation about the possibility of swimming started this morning while farmlet residents were tending a bonfire. The sun was warm, the bonfire warmer, and as we moved a satisfyingly large pile of our evil botanical adversary into the flames we sweated profusely.

First swim of spring

Deborah enters the water with the words ‘It’s not too bad so far’ …

The word ‘swim’ left Deborah’s lips first, and she went to check the pool temperature. The rest of us took guesses; Favorite Stepson thought 13°, Stephen of House Kragbol 12°, and I (ever the optimist) hopefully predicted 15°. The Forbearing Husband did not guess. He has a writing deadline to meet and was typing furiously in the Tiny House.

First swim of spring

… And she emerges declaring it ‘invigorating’. A word straight out of the AntiGene swimming lexicon.

And the answer? A none-too-balmy 12.5°C . Nonetheless into the pool our brave Deborah went. I briefly considered joining her. Very briefly.

Instead I sat on the side and soaked my feet, spoke soothing words, and photographed her achievement for the blog. Look, someone had to take the pics, and there are times when one must make sacrifices for one’s art.

Anyone else been swimming yet? Anyone else glad they haven’t (yet)?



  1. The preferred water temperature for this commenter is mid-twenties celsius and upwards.

  2. Wow Deborah! Well done! 12.5 degs – balmy. Any warmer and it wouldn’t be refreshing;) (but no I haven’t bin tempted yet;) Busy taking photos like C – ha ha x

    • Yes, I believe the word refreshing was also used by Deborah. Along with a small moan that escaped her lips after about 30 seconds in the water, and shortly before she beetled back to the escape ladder!

      • I’m surprised there was only one moan. I would however, like to get credit for standing in said 12.5° water and splashing my face, TWICE, before hightailing it outta there.

  3. OK, I can live with the photos. Just. I like my blog name Daredevil. Makes me feel dangerous and exciting, which doesn’t happen often for us ‘play it safe’ types.

    • Well if the very act of moving to the farmlet didn’t qualify you for being daredevil the icy swim certainly has. Now you just have to complete one dangerous and exciting act per year to maintain your reputation. 😄

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