It’s a Boy!

I thought you should be the first to know…

Wiltshire ewe and lamb

We have lamb number one. A little boy.

Wiltshire ewe and lamb

Mama sheep gave birth this morning.

Wiltshire ewe and lamb

Being born was clearly quite exhausting for junior.

The other two ewes are due to have their lambs in the next few days. One looks to be pregnant with twins judging by her girth. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated and post plenty of cute photos.



    • It’s a bit of a shame it’s raining on them both while they are trying to get a rest.

  1. Are they shedding already, or are those giant cobwebs?
    And no goopy pictures, thank ewe, just cute smiley ones.

    • Shedding already! Last weekend’s sunshine and Deborah swimming must have made them think it’s spring. Promise no gloop.

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