How is it that tiny baby snails are cute, while tiny baby slugs are not?

Baby snail on broccoli

Baby snail on broccoli

This mini-muncher was sleeping in the broccoli I brought in from the garden for dinner last night. Overcome by sentimentality I relocated hir* to the compost bin rather than performing my usual snail squashing routine.

I’m pretty sure that saving baby snails marks me out as Not A Real Farmer.

* Hir is a gender neutral pronoun.




  1. That takes me back to my days of learning Latin …
    nominative, vocative, accusative, dative, ablative.
    And can I say the Romans (and Greeks) were clearly ahead of their time with inbuilt neutral pronouns.
    Its a slow day at the DHB …

  2. What’s Latin for “Thrush required for patrol duty”?
    Salt’s good in a circle to corral, then leave the thrushes to do their duty;
    alternatively give them the beer treatment so they at least die happy. (snails not thrushes)
    (Salt’s also good for soaking veggies before cooking and eating, in case you are strictly vegan);)

    • I’ve been out on evening snail patrol again and find that makes a big difference to the amount of damage from the slimies. A thrush on the job would be a fine thing.

      • “Requiritur in his turdus lumbricum petit uigiliisque” according to Google translate 🙂

        • Not something I will be hollering down the garden at the nearest thrush any time soon then! Still, should a Latin speaking thrush turn up wanting employment I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. x

    • You should have seen hir though — so tiny and adorable. Probably not a big eater.

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