It’s a Riot

There’s a riot of green in the veggie patch just now, plants are falling all over each other as they jostle for space. Even though I expanded the food garden last year, right now it’s more crowded than an Auckland motorway at Labour Weekend. Here’s a snapshot.

Violas and kale

Violas, sweet william, celery, leek, and kale (and a photo-bombing weed — left of centre leaning towards us)

Brocoli head with snail trails

Broccoli head (with a couple of slug trails)

Potted bay tree

Potted bay tree sending out new shoots

Sweet pea flower

Sweet peas cosy up to broad beans

Curly kale

Curly kale sports a green afro

Chamomile flower

Chamomile. On hand to create a calming brew when…

Talo / taro leaf

Mama tells you your talo is planted it in quite the wrong place! (seems to be growing just fine to me)

Cat on a rock

My supervisor likes to sit on a sun warmed rock whilst directing my work

I’m hoping to get the last section of the vegetable growing area cleared and planted before the dry of summer sneaks up. At the moment I have a tangle of weeds where weed-mat used to be. Not worried though — those weeds are busy doing the first stage of soil restoration for me. Thank goodness for nature, always striving to re-balance whatever damage us humans cause.

So, what’s happening in your garden this spring? Or are you busy with non-garden spring things? I’d love to hear. Please share in the comments.



    • I saw a ‘chocolate capsicum’ in the garden centre the other day. How about one of those?

  1. Ooh lots of progress under cunningly camouflaged supervisor. How about starting some heritage beans in a tray in hot water cupboard? Choc dipped beans cd be next big foodie hit. That reminds me ..let’s plant strawberries too😉

    • Good call on starting beans, I’ll get onto that this evening. I’d never thought of chocolate beans, but we have strawbs fruiting already. We may have to make do with those and chocolate!

  2. Well my spring gardening seems to be mostly about decluttering … The experimental hay-bail garden still seems to be standing with an interesting and unexpected crop of random mushrooms.

  3. All those are photos of YOUR garden? I’m impressed. Did have some cutely camouflaged cabbage white caterpillars on my/your kale though. Our New World Little Garden pots are sprouting. Do pots on the dining room table count as gardening?? G’ma wants some pony poo for her roses.

    • They are indeed all photos of my garden! All plants count as gardening in my book, well done on the Little Garden successes.

      Will enlist M and R while they are here this weekend and we will pick up some pony poo for grandma. I’m sure that job will thrill them no end!

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