We Swam!

Today was the day. First up a couple of hours of cutting, moving and chipping branches in preparation for Phil the Fencer to slug out the next wave of fencing. Then Deborah and I hit the pool.

swim season

It’s swim season.

Bather with pink towel

Deborah doing a credible impression of the Botticelli Venus, only with a little more modesty.

It wasn’t actually my very first swim of this spring. That happened about two weeks ago — but I’m counting it as my first official swim because last time I was in and out faster than a small fat pony looking for a carrot. Today I swam a respectable ten laps. It was, as AntiGene likes to say, ‘refreshing’, but this time in a fairly pleasant rather than mostly painful sort of a way.

While Deborah and I were drying off Mama re-established herself as ‘Most Athletic 85 year-old on the Property’, in this revival of her 2016 pool bombing performance. I didn’t happen to have the camera on video setting so you’ll just have to look back here to view last years’s full heart-stopping experience.

Grandmother about to dive

Mama’s on the edge.

Grandma jumps in

And she’s in.

Us ‘young ones’ upstaged by Mama as usual. ‘Oi ‘ka fefe!*

* translation: ‘Oh my goodness!’




  1. Impressive Mama! That’s the way to get the young’uns in – by example!
    Very lovely to see you back in the swim D and C but very envious! Windy here with too many white horses in the sea to attempt a swim. Love xx

  2. Go you! And Deborah and Mama! I’m currently sojourning in Wellington and had to buy a T SHIRT because it was hot! Today not so much…

    • Ah Wellington, so fickle. I should have lent you my puffer jacket to alternate with your new (I’m betting pink or orange) t-shirt.

      • Yes, today is a 3 marino plus puffer jacket day. I have got very good on the train into Wellington so plan go as far as I can in the opposite direction today. The Adventure!!

        • The Adventure was not great. Cold and wet and blowing. I found a pub and fled back to the train not even stopping at the library. Oh well. Now back and cosy in front of the gas fire 😊

          • Ah, but at least now you know what lies in The Other Direction brave venturer!

  3. And of course your Favourite Stepson was actually the VERY first in the pool this season. His description of the experience was succinct and to the point. “Cold!”

    • That’s right! He swam after hauling stuff off the trailer the day Little Red came home. Neither his comment, nor his goosebumps on exiting the pool inspired anyone else to swim that day.

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