What’s cooking?

Apart from those unborn lambs!


A new batch of AntiGene Muesli. Here’s the recipe.

Visitors to the farmlet have been missing their fix of AntiGene Muesli over the last few months (sorry Little Quail and Nurse Jenny). One way and another I’ve been too busy (or lazy), to get to Bin Inn and stock up on the raw ingredients.

All sorted now though after a bumper shop last week. And we’re cookin’.

Take note, you sheep-mamma’s with lambs in the oven. Your turn next to deliver the goods.

Anyone else getting started on something they’d been putting off?




  1. Yes, put another batch of muesli in the oven so I could eat my OWN breakfast, thank you daughters. (Little Red Hen story here). I costed my AntiGene muesli out at .70c per serve.

    • Well done. I hope you’ve hidden the finished product.
      Good work on the costings. How many servings do you reckon to get per batch? I’ve gone completely off-recipe now as far as quantities go, and make mine in bulk. I don’t think it’s any cheaper to make than the bought stuff, but it’s way yummier. 😋

  2. Muesli made with 750g rolled oats and plenty of additions lasts 3 weeks, so approx 21 serves. Off for mine now.

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