A Tiny Day

The Forbearing Husband and I made Tiny into our base camp today while a nice man called Hamish prepped our kitchen floor ready for the new [redacted] to be laid. Not telling yet, I want to keep you in suspense a little while longer!

Tiny house with dogs

Dog tired after moving all that kitchen paraphernalia around.

It’s felt a little like being on holiday. More so after Forbearing Husband ventured into the kitchen to extract the kettle, and our tea making supplies. Because really, what kind of a holiday is it without a nice cup of tea?

If we are out here long enough another raid may have to be staged to obtain the gin and a bottle of tonic. Limes we have aplenty, on a tree just beside our tiny abode. Handy!

Tiny house writer

Tiny house writer.

Book and cup of tea

Tiny house tea drinker.

So, Forbearing Husband has been working at his scribblings*. I have been reading, and futzing with emails. Any minute now it will be time to brush and feed the ponies, and then we are off out for dinner. A wise choice I thought, since the kitchen is largely empty.

Kitchen floor with compound

Floor prepped kitchen, looking towards dining area.

and the living room looks like this:

Messy room

Sigh, we’ll be sorting that out after dinner.
And just when things were almost back to only our normal state of disorder.

Worst of all, there seems to be a fine film of dust on every surface. Oh wait, I think maybe that was already there.

How was your Thursday? Anyone else experiencing a fine film of dust?!

* And most worthy scribbling they are, to be sure.



  1. I so enjoy your blog, Chrissy! I drooled at your image of a book and cup of tea cocooned within a tiny home, and am in awe of your way with words. Must catch up in person soon, but the blog will do just fine in the meantime xx.

    • Hello lovely friend! Goodness, I miss seeing you. Please come up some time and join me for tea and a natter in the tiny house. Those kind words about my writing mean a lot from someone who is actually paid real money to write stuff. Thank you. Hugs x

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