Our super-sized mumma finally gave birth this morning and now we see the reason for that excessively large girth.

Twin Whiltshire lambs

Yup, we have twins!

I grabbed these photos in fading light after I got home from work so they are not fabulous quality. I’ll see if I can get some better shots of our new additions tomorrow morning. I wanted to let you know straight away though, since you have been Humming Hopefully for a while now.

Twin Whiltshire lambs

Looks like we might have a boy and a girl…

Twin Whiltshire lambs

…but it’s pretty hard to be sure just yet.

Until tomorrow then. I’m off now to count sheep!



    • Thanks. Yes, I’m hoping for one to be a girl. I think possibly the lighter coloured one is, but I couldn’t get a good angle to confirm what bits there were.

  1. Congratulations x2
    How clever! What a relief for baamom;) what are their weights?? Just kidding! Whoops I mean lambing;))

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