Hip hip hooray!

Just a quick update to congratulate all the University of Auckland students who will graduate this week. One of them is Darling Daughter, who aced that Engineering Degree. Now she’s good to construct a flying fox, sign off on a rope bridge, design a pony poo pickup robot, and prove mathematical things. The possibilities are endless!

Congratulations little quail! Here’s a cute dog picture to help you celebrate.

Hip hip Hooray

Hip hip hooray!



    • That’s right, zero cookies divided by zero people. It’s just all wrong in so many ways. Thank goodness the answer is actually 2 cookies. I’ll share if you will.

    • And as a BE yourself I bet you could prove that impossible maths too (if you felt like it). Even though now you solve other types of problems. Go women in engineering!

      • My BE is now purely for decorative purposes! However I do still enjoy a good spread sheet :).
        If 0 resources / 0 time = 2 nurses it would solve many of my impossible problems! Hmmm … that’s got me thinking!!

        • See, all you need is a BE, a nursing degree, and a tiara and you can solve absolutely ANYTHING!

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