In Another City

Goodness, another city jaunt so soon. We must surely have maxed out our metropolis quota for 2017.

This trip was closer to home, and happily there were no further episodes of inadvertent public nakedness involved. We spent a few days in The Windy City while the Forbearing Husband networked with influential bohemians of his acquaintance. Meanwhile I soaked up a bit of culture at the City Art Gallery, enjoyed the architectural and literary charms of the Wellington Central Library, and investigated a few op shops.

Forbearing Husband loves his hometown, and I love him, so I endured the roughly five-degree temperature drop between the winterless north and the all-too-wintry capital with only a fair to middling amount of grumbling. I was much comforted by my puffer jacket, a jaunty wool beret, and regular swigs of hot chocolate.

Trolley bus lines against a winter sky. Average daytime temperature: 12 degrees.

Time was short, so we didn’t get a chance to hug as many of our Welly-Rellies as we would have liked. We did, however, take a ride on Wellington’s ever-efficient public transport system to visit Mama and Papa, and we caught up with some much loved friends and their two small children. During dinner I coached the kids to nag mercilessly for a visit to see the farmlet ponies. If my plan works we’ll be hosting that family up in Northland quite soon (sorry, not sorry).

Wellington Central Railway Station NZ

Wellington Central Railway Station

The Forbearing Husband and I also got to a production of Riverside Kings (highly recommended), and ate at what has become our favorite Wellington restaurant since the closure of Maria Pia’s Trattoria almost a decade ago. I know, I really should be over that by now. But I’m not. Thankfully I still have Maria Pia’s cookbook Mangiare Italiano: Real Italian Food to remember her scrumptious menu by.

Righty-ho, I must fly. Lots to catch up on now we’re back at the land. Just before we wrap this up though let’s take quick stroll around town and past a few favorite places. I know at least one member of The Readership who will appreciate some extra photos of the capital.

Slowboat Records, Cuba Street, Wellington NZ

Slowboat Records, Cuba Street

Slowboat Records Wellington

Slowboat Records Rap selection

Plimmer Steps, Lambton Quay, Wellington, NZ

Plimmer Steps, Lambton Quay

Wellington Public Library, NZ

Wellington Public Library

Wellington Public Library, NZ

Athfield Plaque, Wellington Public Library

Train, Wellington NZ

Back at the station

Burger Fuel, Cuba Street, Wellington, NZ

Burger Fuel, Cuba Street. Anything to do with the Forbearing Husband’s desire to visit Wellington?

Laters Wellywood!



  1. Ooh I wish I’d eaten at Maria Pias – yummy Italian food – will have to look out for her cookbook. Yum! Your photos make me feel like a Welly trip but praps wait til summer temps reach the teens😉

    • It was very yummy food. Never to be forgotten.
      Wellington weather is never reliably anchored in the teens I’m sorry to say. I wore my puffer jacket most of our last visit which was in February. Fortunately the scenery, eateries, public transport, Te Papa, library and art galleries (The Dowse in Lower Hutt, and Pataka in Porirua are favorites) make it all worth while.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE Wellywood!!!!
    My fav NZ city,deeply envious of eldest offspring living there…
    Would move in a wink!
    Strangely don’t wear puffer jackets much there,must be my youth in the Naki ( and time in Manhaten),did you go to Lido cafe? Opp Library
    Oops cat caterwauling must go!!

    • No need for a puffer jacket? You are obviously made of sterner stuff than I. Didn’t go to Lido this time around, sadly last time we were there the hollandaise on the eggs bene tasted like it had come out of a packet. Shocking! No doubt will try again though as it’s an old haunt of the FH.

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