Pesto Presto

Ah well, here I am picking the last of the basil. The plants might stagger on for another few weeks yet, but as the nights get cooler their leaves are dropping and turning brown. It’s only a matter of time before we have a frost that turns them all to mush.

No matter though, because I’m about to make pesto.

Basil, fooled into continued growth by warm sunny winter days.

I felt very Italian-Mama as I sat in the sun picking leaves to fill this bowl.

Just add walnuts, olive oil and a fast blade and you are on your way to yum.

It will be good to have this flavour burst to add to our winter meals.

Next on my ‘savour the summer goodness’ list is going to be basil infused gin. I had a cocktail called a ‘Thai Basil’ while out and about in the big city, and it was all kinds of GOOD. I photographed the ingredient list (gin, Thai basil, lemon, chartreuse, pepper syrup) so now all I have to do is figure out proportions.* Will report back once I sober up.

* You’re right, I probably should be using actual Thai basil for the infusion but I don’t have any. On my list for plant shopping next spring.




  1. mmmmmmid like to try the gin
    I’ve got one at the mo with rose in it
    my basil is still flowering,but looking a bit scruffy

    • Yum, rose gin sounds lovely. What do you drink it with? Seems like tonic would kill the rose flavour.

  2. We has Thai basil growing once but so strong flavoured only a little needed and it threatened to take over. I think the green basil is best for that lovely green pesto. My black one from dark red basil looks a bit lethal like my pickled walnut paste! Well done you keeping basil going into winter – so nice in Te pasta with plenty of Pecorino Romano 🙂

    • Good tip on the Thai basil, I’d better confine it to a pot if it’s a bit of a thug.

      Pasta with pesto and cheese is great comfort food.

  3. No tonic is fine,it’s pretty roseie ,I Ve tried it with cucumber,lime,lemon,mandarin,pommergranite .manderine was good but the old standard lime is my favourite.
    It’s quite sweet for a gin.😊

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