Postcard from Afar

The Forbearing Husband and I are away from home practicing at being big city people for a few days. It is quite a change of pace.

City sights

The apartment we are staying in has full length windows. Opposite and about 10 metres away is another apartment block. It also has full length windows, and they look directly into ours.

On our first night the Forbearing Husband and an unsuspecting city neighbour locked eyes across that ten metre gap. As she hurriedly put her blinds down, Forbearing Husband, just out of the shower, fumbled for some underwear. He later reflected that city folks have curtains for a reason.

So far though no arrests for indecent exposure.

Messing around on trains. Fully clothed this time.

City cowboy boots.




  1. “fumbled for some underwear”?
    was that a case of discretion being the better part of er, vainglory?

    • You would have to ask the FH about that. I’m sorry, but the words “he’s not one to blow his own trumpet” keep coming to mind. Quite inappropriate!

    • Of course! I wore my cowboy boots everywhere. Have updated the post with a cowboy boots picture that I had missed out. x

      • Oh, how very reassuring! And very useful for kicking annoying city folks out of the way too I’m sure 🙂

        • It was reassuring. Made me feel like there must surely be a horse around the next corner. I refrained from any kicking though.

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