Evening Dress

In which Chrissy B provides, for your entertainment, photographs and description of her Friday evening pony wrangling outfit.

Aussie hat and jewellery

… topped off with a singlet, an oilskin hat and a bit of bling.
Oh, and that’s a random stalk of hay stuck to the hat band.

This is what happens when you come in from work and change into something comfortable; then, forgetting you are still wearing jewellery (having made an effort in your work ensemble), you head out to coax your little fat pony into her overnight ‘low grass’ area.

Fortunately when you live on a fun size snippet of land in a rural area, only your nearest and dearest are subjected to your unusual outfits. I’ve been known to stay in sleepwear all day, even walking the dogs and mowing the lawn in my PJs. I love the sartorial freedom of living on a farmlet.

What’s the weirdest outfit you’ve worn recently?



  1. Sunglasses, sunhat, boots and Kathmandu raincoat- well it is spring. Prepared for anything .. Lol

    • Absolutely, prepared for anything! And that egg yolk orange raincoat is the most wonderful spring colour. x

    • Really? So that wasn’t you down by the barn in black stubbies, a deerstalker hat and gumboots then? 😆

    • I was using the word stubbies in the vernacular. I know fake Stubbies™ when I see them.

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