What sheep do when they think no-one’s watching…

Our neighbour’s sheep concentrate hard as they skilfully arrange themselves into a tableau. This particular scene quite clearly depicting a moment from the 1984 Olympic medal ceremony for synchronised swimming.

Sheep on logs

Evidence of sheep antics captured by Stephen of House Kragbol.

Meanwhile our sheep are playing poker in the bottom paddock.

What are you getting up to in your spare time?



  1. Which anthem I’d playing?? NZs of course🤣 clever Stephen to capture their moment!

  2. Your own mini Agrodome! Just train Nina to run along their backs (as if), and Bonnie to pull a cart of children. And you’ve got the lambs for bottle feeding.

    • Well there’s an idea for a bit of income. Now if we get a certain young pastry chef to run some refreshments from the Tiny house we’ll be set!

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