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I was re-reading some old blog posts today and I happened on this one from February 2017. in which I suggested (in a spirit of irony) that I keep my ugg boots for a bit longer in case they came back into fashion. And what was I wearing today, at the very moment of reading my own sage advice? Why, my ugg boots. That’s what!

They narrowly escaped a one way trip to the op shop soon after that post was written. They got all the way to the box by the front door before I relented and put them back at the bottom of the wardrobe. And boy am I glad I did. The next time I came across them was earlier this winter while rummaging for an outfit to wear to a masquerade ball. No, I didn’t wear them to the ball (can’t believe you asked), but I did decide I quite liked them again. So snuggly warm, and just the thing to visually balance out skinny jeans, or in my case jodhpurs.

Vita Sackville West

Vita Sackville West in jodhpurs and what are surely an early version of ugg boots.

Well, no sooner had I started wearing them than I’m seeing ugg boots pop up everywhere. Clearly my fashion sense is inspiring a trend. Look at this. A whole article on rich and famous people homing in on my ugg boot vibe.

Katie Holmes in ugg boots

In 2019 even Katie Holmes is sporting ugg boots.


Ugg boots

Hers are a little more chic than mine, but I bet she paid more than $20 for them.

Mine were bought from The Red Shed for $19.99, somewhere back in the 2000’s, and as you can see, are brought right up to the minute here by being paired with my ‘bunny-wabbit’ pyjama pants (Hospice Shop, 2019, $1). Awesome no?!

P.S. I think, given my fashion forward track record, you can expect to be seeing many of the rich and famous in ‘bunny-wabbit’ pyjama pants by 2020.


What’s your favorite snuggly warm winter attire? Do you own anything you almost gave to the op shop that you’re glad you didn’t? The comment box is open.



  1. You bet! Cosy is da best in winter. Or ‘hygge’ as they say In Norway- and they should know.
    Btw my own attire is thick beige possum socks. Sorry no photo wd do justice;)

    • Possum socks, how very hygge. I hear a wee dram in front of a roaring fire is also part of the hygge picture…

  2. Is there an impending companion post on the bunny rabbit leggings in the last pic above?

    • That would be bunny wabbit, and I think I’ll wait until the bunny wabbit legging craze takes off a bit more before write that one.

    • I love my ugg boots and remember the likes of Kate Moss making them famous and cool some decades ago in England. But in New Zealand I find people continually ask me why I’m wearing my slippers outside!! It’s a bit disconcerting and I’ve almost stopped wearing them out for fear of looking like a total bogan 🤔

  3. Hand knitted socks are my winter fav … obviously, particularly when paired with my red snuggly robe 😍

  4. One of only 2 jumpers I’ve ever knitted. Chunky and used either in the garden or on bitterly cold days inside. I’ve unearthed a photo of me wearing it back in the mid 80’s. And a furry blue polyester jacket from TWL which I wear when feeling particularly grotty (picture Monsters Inc). Makes me feel warm.

    • There’s nothing like the comfort of a tried and true chunky hand-knit, and never throw out your own knitting — so much work in it. I have the one we unearthed at Marie’s house when we cleaned up. I think that was one of yours too.

      Fluffy-monster style fabrics are a boon when it’s hard to get warm. I have a couple of cuddly knee rugs for extra cosiness when engaging in couch-potato activities (I’m using one right now as I type). This surely indicates I am fast approaching my dotage.

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