Lavender and Old Denim

Due to rain — and boy were we glad for it, the water tank situation was seeming a little precarious — bridge construction has been on hold. We don’t want anyone slipping into that ditch (there may be trolls). Sorry. I know you were hanging out to see what we’d been up to. I was excited to show you. Next Sunday…

In the meantime I’m drying lavender to make lavender bags. There seem to be lots of moths here and they’ve been chewing my cardies something chronic. Mind you, I have noticed that, in a 1990s revival, clothing with holes is all the rage so perhaps I am just once again hurtling toward the cutting edge (pun intended) of fashion.

As those of us over 20 know, everything old becomes new again. Now that denim waistcoats and white linen shirts are back in, I remembered some such items that had been hanging in the back of the wardrobe for years. Too nice to throw out, but until now a bit passé. Note to self: hold onto those ugg boots for another year or so.

I dragged them out, washed them and noticed with satisfaction that they are both old Max Clothing gear from the days when their stuff was still made in New Zealand. The waistcoat was an op shop find in the mid 1990s, the linen shirt from the Onehunga Dress Smart when it first opened in [date redacted as I simply cannot be that old].

Linen shirt and denim waistcoat

Made in NZ

In case you’re interested here are some instructions for how to make your very own holes in your jeans. In 10 steps, with pictures. Use scissors. Make holes. Really? Really?! No doubt pretty soon someone will create instructions for putting your very own undies on.

Thought… I could be selling moths to Paris Hilton so she can create custom holes in her woolies. Rare NZ moths with organic credentials. Haha!




    • Good point. Maybe I could just export the holes? “Each of these holes was individually created by genuine organic NZ moths, living free range in beautiful Northland”.

  1. How about trying a sprig or three of bay leaves? If they’re good for the pantry moths (which they definitely are) then they may be for the woollies moths too.

  2. OMG! To think of all the holey jeans I have thrown out over the years!! What a waste 🙁

    • I know, right! Start saving them now and in another 20 years you can catch the next wave.

  3. Adore how useful you are, I could only dream of lavender drying and bridge building and now I can read all about it. Fashion forward too, it’s a big Like from me! Thanks for the inspiration. Beats making marmite sandwiches for my poor kids lunches xx

    • You are too modest dear friend. I do believe that whole marmite sandwich thing, while not glam, is rather useful. It’s just that now our kidlets are old enough do their own marmiting I am at liberty to indulge in more diverse activities. x

  4. I use eucalyptus wool wash (another moth repellant) for my more treasured woolies and store in ziplock seal vacuum storage bags* over spring/summer to keep those pesky intruders from creating woolly mayhem. This has the added benefit of freeing up valuable wardrobe space, necessitating a visit to the charity opshop of your choice 😀 I have also found using a delicates washing bag helps prevent mothlike washing machine injuries as it turns some of the merinos around labelled ‘machine washable’ are not so much…
    *ziplock vacuum seal bags available on Trade Me, eucalyptus wool wash at Countdown

    • Ah my clever cuzzie, that is great advice. I especially like the notion of “freeing up valuable wardrobe space, necessitating a visit to the charity opshop of your choice”. Yes, yes, yes!

    • Oh good grief! Unbelievable! How on earth did you happen upon this fashion madness. Is this just us being old fogies, or is this look really as ridiculously as I think it is. Darling Daughter and Fashion-Forward Cuzzie please feel free to weigh in on this one.

      • I might have been wandering around the internet slightly bored at work when I happened upon it. (I agree it is madness, but that could just be my old foginess) And thought of you Der Friend. XX

        • Obviously just the right outfit for mucking out the chook house, what with the waterproof knees. I’m pretty sure I could easily whip this up with some scissors, jeans and a couple of old bread bags.

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