It’s done. The Auckland house is sold!

I know, after not hearing from me for a while you imagined I’d been strangled by rampant JC, or perhaps squished by the Whomping Plum. But no, I have in fact been pacing nervously prior to attending the auction of our old house (coz what if no-one turns up?), and subsequently celebrating (they did), packing more boxes, and organising moving trucks.


Goodbye house, we’ll miss you.

The old homestead had never looked as good as it did during the time it was on the market. It’s amazing what moving out all your less aesthetically pleasing stuff (bulging files of business and tax records, armchairs that one’s been meaning to re-cover for the last ten years, and the resident teenager’s collection of PS3 games) can achieve.

Look how pretty she turned out:


Kitchen – minus the dishes and cooking splatters of real life.


Living room – minus the clutter of real life.

After twelve years of being Westies it really is the end of an era. Although there is a bit of sadness about leaving the place, I know it’s in good hands. The couple who bought it had clearly fallen in love with it as much as we once did, and were very excited to sign the purchase documents. They take possession in mid-April and it’s nice to know the old place will have a new lease of life as home to a young family.

On the up side, now I can fully concentrate on the new property, and behold! I have started my first Northland interior renovation project. Oh my goodness, just like a REAL blogger. Here is a teaser.


Not my best effort on the photo quality.

Tune in on Friday for more about I’ve been doing with all those sharp tools.



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