Here we go…

We’ve done it! Deposit paid. No turning back now. Guess we’ll just be stuck living with this:

Poroti 2015-04-07: 88

and this:

Poroti 2015-04-07: 89

and some of this for the ponies:

Poroti 2015-04-07: 90

And, just to put those more idyllic looking shots into perspective, there’s also this pruning and clearing challenge in the orchard:

and about seven acres of this:

Poroti 2015-04-07: 91

It’s Jerusalem Cherry. Poisonous to livestock (even chickens, dammit, because a chicken tractor was my first thought for controlling it), and seemingly pure evil unless you live in Siberia and want a pretty house plant. So, there’s a lot of weeding in my future.

If anyone has bright ideas for organic control of what is about to become the bane of my life, please leave a note in the comments. In the meantime I’m going back to the top of the page to look at the pretty bits. See you later.



    • Offer accepted. Thank you. Nothing like exploiting the energy of the resident 19 year old.

  1. Damn, I knew I should have tried harder to have kids. No first born option for me alas. The JC in your photo looks so much bigger than I remember it…I guess it’s too late to change my mind? Rightio, first thing we need to do in Whangarei is cosy up to an osteopath. I foresee an increasing demand.

  2. Congratulations and heaps of positive vibes – your luck you will make yourself I know, as your attitude and energy is so positive:) yeah I’m looking forward to your progress. Your pics are great – what a lovely tranquil place for a walk in the woods…

  3. Actually I quite enjoy weeding. Recently I have found myself weeding the lawn (while ignoring the completely overgrown flolwer and vege beds). I shall visit and bring my spade!!

    • Can’t wait to show you around! Hope you’ll make it up this way soon. 🙂

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