Orchard — Before and After

You may remember that when we took over the farmlet this mystery tree in the orchard / chicken run was being crowded out by waist high Jerusalem Cherry and some other, even taller, unidentified shrubbery.

Before -- the poor pear tree smothered by JC and root-stock quince.

Before — we are talking about that mess of shrubbery on the right.

The first big weeding hit was mounted by the Forbearing Husband soon after we moved in. Vast quantities of JC were grubbed up and moved out to the bonfire site by the barn. The unidentified shrubbery remained unidentified, and we decided to wait until spring to figure out whether it was friend or foe.

It turned out to be quince rootstock popping up from under a pear tree, apparently pears are grafted onto quince roots to keep them at a manageable size for picking. So… friend I guess. But a friend with a little too much presence. Like the person you once rented a room from who got overly chummy, and wanted to hang out with you every Saturday night.


After. Look, a tree!

I spent a full day wrestling with the over-friendly undergrowth, and this is the result. Goodbye quince! We like you, but don’t go trying to sleep in the same bed as your tenant. JC, you are just a common or garden stalker. Begone!

The poor tree looks a little stunted after its years of suffocation. I found this proof of life though, so I’m hopeful a full recovery can eventually be made.


Pear, complete with minor insect damage to prove just how organic it is.

I’m pretty sure a few barrow-loads of horse manure would help on the full recovery front. Now, where did I put that miniature pony who’s going to learn to pull a cart?



  1. Now that is an impressive before and after! It now looks just lovely to sit under and read a book while munching pears …

  2. Oh, except it’s in the chicken run so not do relaxed for reading … never mind, you have one or two other tree’s as I recall!!

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