Paint it Indigo

I’m still muddling through over here, and long overdue to fill you in on the story behind these pictures. Thank you for being patient.

Painting kitchen cupboard doors

There was an inspired guess from Mindy as to what was going on here,

Painting kitchen cupboard doors

but this shot was more of a clue.

What am I up to? Well, I’m painting the cupboards in the kitchen in a Resene colour called ‘Indian Ink’, which is about as close as a blue can get to black. Some see dark cabinets as a risky choice, but after taking the plunge with black cabinets in our last kitchen I’ve been an absolute convert. Not least because I’ve never been able to afford a new kitchen, and a dark colour disguises most of the not so attractive features of old and ugly cupboard doors.

So, would you like to see? Thought you might. Just bear with me while we do a little recap for anyone who might be new to the blog.

This was how the kitchen looked in the real estate photos from when we bought the property.

BEFORE: at purchase

A bit over a year ago I installed a dishwasher, and since then things have looked like this.

PROGRESS: post dishwasher install.

And here’s where we are now, with freshly painted cabinets.

dark cupboards pink bench

NOW: The colour looks even a little closer to black in real life.


Can you see the potential? Imagine those bench-tops as wood slabs, or maybe white composite.

There’s a long way to go yet, and as with most renovation projects the middle doesn’t make much sense. To my eye things actually look worse rather than better just now. Those indigo cabinets aren’t playing at all well with the salmon pink counter-tops, and there is still rather too much orange pine waving at me from the shelving and window surrounds. It’s okay, much to the Forbearing Husband’s terror, I’m not done yet!

What’s your take on going to the dark side with kitchen cabinets? Love them or loathe them? Would you go for wooden bench-tops, or something else? Let me know in the comments.

Kitchen expenditure so far:

  • Secondhand Smeg stove (Trade Me): $350.00
  • F&P dishwasher (Harvey Norman): $1678.00 (ouch)
  • Plumbing parts for d/w installation: $31.00
  • 1 litre of Resene paint ‘Indian Ink’ (used about 2/3 can for 2 coats): $54.00
  • Sylvan cabinet handles ‘Gatwick’ in brushed aluminium 14@$7.08ea: $99.12
    • Subtotal spent so far = $2212.12
  • Income from selling the stove that came with the house on Trade Me: -$246.00
  • Total spent to date = $1966.12



  1. Wow. The dark is really stunning.You’re inspiring me to do something with my poky wood kitchen.

    • Thanks Judith. This is my second poky wood kitchen (our previous house had similar) and I’d totally encourage playing with some paint. 🙂

  2. Weeeeel – at first thought – no I’m not an indigo sort of person —- but if pressed to see it with a slab of wood, or marble …..then yes I’m warming to it. Good on you for stamping your own mark on that kitchen gal! (But beware of sharp corners if having the white composite!!) Hope the animals approve:)

    • Yes, the changed kitchen bench will make all the difference. I’m not loving it in combination with the current one at all. It was in the plan to go for wood, but the white composite was a new idea inspired by a friend’s bench. A good warning on the corners though. I’m also worried about food stains on white (turmeric is used a lot around here, and the wood in the last kitchen was a great disguiser of turmeric stains).

  3. Mmm… well you know how I like a bit of colour! Possibly a bit dark for me although very close to my new boots. I may just need to come and inspect 💜

    • Inspection welcomed! Very much look forward to seeing you (and Chicken Boy and K Man?) in the near future. Love the sound of the indigo boots, please bring those too so that I can admire them. x

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