Things Can Only Get Better

It’s been a sad few weeks at the farmlet and I haven’t felt like putting pen to paper [fingers to keyboard?]. Thank you to everyone who sent support in the form of blog comments, emails, cards and chocolate. We really appreciate your thoughts. Each time I’m in the Seven Acre Wood now I remember Nurse Jenny’s comment and imagine that old dog panting alongside me.

There have been a few recent developments that you haven’t heard about, and I promise I’ll fill you in over the next little while. While you wait, here are some teaser shots.

Painting kitchen cupboard doors


Painting kitchen cupboard doors


Floor with twigs


Intrigued? Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon with the low down.




  1. Oooh! As first glance I thought you were designing some kind of adult high-chair – but realise it is something much better!

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