Oma Rapiti!

Look what we found in the study this morning. How it got into the house is a complete mystery (surely not the cat door?), but its presence certainly explains why Maisie was so restless at 3am.

Trying to send a fax perhaps?

Stu poses with several other ingredients.

I think it’s just a baby. Forbearing Husband has named it Stu (he has a bit of a warped sense of humor). I think he’s quietly hoping we might keep it (he’s a sucker for baby animals, remember). And I’m not so sure I want it going back to the rabbit friends and relations to report on the location of an abundant veggie garden. We are considering the possibilities. A very un-farmer-like pet? Or perhaps the start of a meat breeding programme? Hmmm. What would you do?

For non-NZ readers confused by the title; ‘Oma Rapiti’ is the Maori version of the nursery rhyme ‘Run Rabbit’. Pretty much every NZ child learns it at kindy.



    • Uncanny the way your sense of humor aligns with that of the Forbearing Husband!

  1. Yr fellow gardeners also think stu, but what a darling! Give him/her the best possible life of luxury and then when big ……. Yum Grandma’s most beloved dinner. Bit of bacon and 2 onions 2 carrots a few peas ….

    • I never knew Grandma liked rabbit stew. She was a jolly good cook was Grandma!

  2. OMG!
    If it’s a baby kitty pop prob brought it in!
    Let it go!!!
    Wild ones don’t make good pets
    From dedicated Bunny Mother ?

  3. Take it up by other house,
    They actually prefer rocket,kale,spinach,lettuce is poison.
    you,re going to have to fence off youre vege patch at sometime,wire netting fine,youre in the country now Dorothy…
    If there is one baby there are more!
    I used to eat rabbit pie when little,they have too many diseases now, and of course I have my own bunnies..

  4. Well, there’s your answer dear s-i-l. Keep the photo and any Peter Rabbit books only.
    I forgot lettuce has traces of arsenic. Dad was always sending us recipes when we had Bunbun.

    • Ha, it’s so hard to know what to do for the best. And where is Stu’s little blue jacket with brass buttons? Nowhere to be seen!

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