No Puppies

Maisie was speyed on Monday. That means our chance for surprise puppies is now over, and I’m just a little sad.

We are late getting her ‘fixed’ because Brett the Vet thought she would be too young to come into heat last year. Apparently large breeds don’t usually mature reproductively until 12-24 months old. Maisie was an early bloomer however, and her first heat was in November when she had barely hit nine months.

The day we chose her.

The day we chose her.

We noticed she was in season soon after Favorite Stepson reported she’d had a ‘fight’ with a neighbour’s breeding male, an American Bulldog. We became obsessed with the idea that Maisie might be pregnant. I was quite excited by the prospect, but the Forbearing Husband was most definitely not excited. ‘No Puppies!’, he proclaimed masterfully.

Echo, Maisie's mum had 9 in her first litter.

Echo, Maisie’s mum. Exhausted first time mother of eleven puppies.

His reasoning? ‘If she has puppies they’ll be so cute I won’t be able to bring myself to part with any of them’. See why I love this bloke?

Maisie was one of eleven pups, so I guess that was part of his worry. When we went to The Horsewoman’s farm to select our puppy the Forbearing Husband refused to make the final choice. He said he wanted all of them. His motto? ‘No puppy left behind’. Perhaps it’s being the youngest of five children. Did he fret constantly as a toddler that the older kids would go home and forget him in the park?

Anyway once we established that Maisie wasn’t pregnant it was a case of finding an interval in which she could be speyed. One has to wait 2-3 months after the last heat, and also be sure she isn’t about to start another round. Frankly it had all the complications of trying to plan a cervical smear appointment during menopause (sorry, that’s an in-joke for women aged over 45).

Great Dane cross?

Maisie’s dad, Nero. Could he have Great Dane in his family tree?

Anyway, mission accomplished. Maisie is now non-fertile. Vet’s orders are that she should have rest and a quiet life over the next 14 days. Those of The Readership who have met Maisie will know the challenge that poses.

Perhaps Nurse Jenny could post up a few sedatives?



  1. I hope Maisie is recovering well. Good luck taking the bounce out of THAT dog for a fortnight! 🙂 And thanks also for your inclusiveness towards us more mature women.

    • Fair point. Does having a blog incite one to create content through misuse of personal information? I guess there’s a complaint to the Privacy Commissioner pending once Maisie learns to read.

  2. Such a beauty dat Maisie I can see why you might want more ……. but I think she will forgive you if you give her an Early Menopause Party involvong lots of food?

  3. Sorry I have teenagers … I need all the sedatives I can get hold of for my own use! Did you know nutmeg can be used as a drug abuse? I learnt this from the eldest teenager this week …

    • In other, perhaps easier to reply to news, I have nearly finished my second pair of socks! Very soothing … 🙂

    • Haha, I feel your pain! I did know — let’s just say I read widely. Side effect is apparently very nasty constipation so it’s not recommended (I’m sure K is much too sensible anyway).

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