Vampire Harvest

It’s that time. Time to harvest the farmlet vampire deterrent crop.

The first farmlet garlic.

From the original 22 cloves, I harvested 17 bulbs. What happened to the other five is a mystery. Should I be looking for a crucifix wielding hedgehog nicknamed Buffy? Or just a rat with garlic breath?

It’s also a bit disappointing that most of the bulbs are only small to middling sized. I guess that’s to be expected in a first post-weed-mat crop though. I added a good thick layer of pony poo before planting, but after all those years of oxygen deprivation it’s going to take a while to rebuild a decent population of soil microbes.

That’s okay, gardening is all about having fun while playing the long game. There’s plenty more pony poo around here, and we’ll have many more garlic crops. Besides if I feel the need to wear a bulb of garlic around my neck while out clubbing* I may prefer a discreetly dinky version.

* Clubbing? Haha! My idea of an exciting evening these days is a bar of Lindt chocolate, and an episode of Westworld (and, it goes without saying, the Forbearing Husband by my side).



    • It’s a great movie, I think I had blanked out that bit though. In general of course vampires do like to hang out at nightclubs, one of the few places where the undead can blend in.
      Warning good people: Sukalati’s link takes us to the opening sequence of Blade, don’t watch if you are squeamish.

  1. Maybe clubbing with Neegan and Lucille? Sounds like you’re well prepared for any Big Bad that may venture your way…

  2. We attend our own night club these days. Dim the lounge lights, pull out the candles and fairy lights and turn up the stereo. On Christmas Night W announced – I want to stay up and dance all night! Perhaps taking after Grandad Ken – apparently he and Granny used to go to dances in their youth (1950s) and spent the whole evening on the dance floor.

    • Awesome! Full control of the music too. That’s our New Year’s Eve plan. I think the last time I went to a night club it was with you and S at a rage in the Civic back in the late 1990s. 😛

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