I Smell a Rat

I’d been wondering for a few weeks what happened to the lavender essential oil I usually have in the tack shed (it’s a soothing addition to the stuff I use to keep the ponies’ tails pretty). Well, my question was answered when I found this lying on the floor. Seems some wino rat got desperate and went on a bit of a bender.

Chewed and drank

A full bodied white with a strong nose of lavender and hints of well chewed #5 polyethylene.

Presumably we now have a lavender scented rodent somewhere around the property, producing potpourri-worthy droppings. That’s going to confuse the old dog.



  1. a likely story, madam: resident rodents reject naturally occuring odoriferousness for redolent aroma.

    • Don’t be so sure, this all started after the other rats made fun of Rodney’s halitosis.

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