After raining most of yesterday, it continued to rain all through last night. Not just a gentle sprinkling either, rather the sort of torrential rain you wouldn’t believe could possibly keep bucketing down hour after hour.

Early this morning Stephen of House Kragbol took this photo of the end of our lane where it meets the main road. It probably goes without saying that having driven out there planning to go to work, he very quickly decided to abandon that idea. A wise choice, those little lumps sticking out of the water are the very tips of fenceposts.

Those are standard farm fence posts. They sit around a metre high. That’s a lot of water.

So here we are — Deborah and Stephen, The Forbearing Husband, Favorite Stepson, myself, and the others in the handful of properties on our street — all stranded by floodwaters worthy of a diminutive ark. Fortunately the big wet sits several hundred yards away from our place, and although the stream around the Seven Acre Wood is running as high as we’ve ever seen it, there is still a goodly way to go before that breaks its banks.

Mind you, the rain hasn’t stopped yet so there’s no saying my next post won’t be typed from a kayak.

Happy Winter!



  1. i presume you have enough chocolate and ammunition to survive a few days’ cut off from civilization.

    • Thanks for asking Sukalati. I’m assuming you will airdrop in emergency rations if push comes to shove? I can’t comment on the ammunition, but at last count we had around six large bars of chocolate in the pantry. The Forbearing Husband takes no chances when it comes to his Whittakers.

  2. Ooh ! I knew you were training in your pool for just this event. See this as yet another viable project : fish and eel farming. Jellied eells luv??

    • Well that’s true, all that summer swimming must have prepared us to swim through the big wet. Why didn’t we think of that? There could already be eels in it too as its the overflow from a little creek that runs through the neigbour’s place. I’m not sure how well swimming and eels go together for me though.

  3. Stay safe and sane ❤️
    We’ll know it’s bad when you post a pic of all farm inhabitants on the deck and in the house 😊👍🏻

    • That would be a fun pic for sure!
      The good news is that the floodwaters receded quite fast, and happily by the time Favourite Stepson headed out to soccer practice at around 6 there were only a few largish puddles left. 🙂

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