Sold on Instagram!

So, funny story… Today, at 1pm precisely, I changed my Instagram username. I’ve been paid a stack of beans to do this by a little handbag company who coveted my handle @deadlyponies.


NZ currency fan

Money for nothing!

I’ll miss being deadlyponies (I kinda thought it suited me), but really, the name is just an ephemeral social media tag. A couple of thousand dollars worth of farm equipment is going to be much more worthwhile.

And now I’m @cowboybootsandbrokenfingers if anyone is looking for me. Or click on the Instagram icon below this post (it’s the first one, red with a camera logo). See you there.



  1. Maybe you could make a wee business out of setting up groovy names then selling them. You have the gift!

    • That’s a great idea! Hey, I wonder whether the Insta name @cocacola has gone yet?

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