Death of a Time Lord

Today our very own familial Time Lord slid out of this timeline. He was either 91, 92 or 93 years old (if you find that confusing the link above may help to explain), and he had just published his book about the founding of the Samoan Methodist Church in New Zealand.

Papa was something of a man of mystery, even to his own family. He shared information on a ‘need to know basis’. And, for the most part, so it seemed, people didn’t need to know. Even, on occasion, an exasperated Mama.

Silipa Mamea

Papa’s passport photo circa 1976. An international man of mystery.

Every so often though I could get him on a roll and he’d tell me stories about his life. You don’t live to 90-something without having a few good stories to share. When those stories start with growing up in a remote Samoan village, one of 10 children, then meeting your dad for the first time at four or five years old because he has been away with the Mau since before you were born; your audience (that’s me) can stay fascinated for hours.

I’ll remember him for those stories, for his affectionate chortles at the antics of his grandchildren — and sometimes his wife — and for his full and fearless commitment to the things he believed in. One thing is for sure, Papa Silipa was a force to be reckoned with. And if some of his ideas were a bit at odds with those around him; well, you get that with a Time Lord.


Silipa Moeimanu Siauini II Le Mamea

? October c1926 — 17 May 2019






  1. Our condolences on the loss of your Papa Silipa – a remarkable man, father of a remarkable son. Love to you both. E &J

    • Thank you, I agree. I am hoping said son has inherited the longevity genes. xxx

  2. Talofa lava fa’afetai lave mole nei upu mo tatou tama.
    Alofa tele atu is oe male aiga.

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