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Here’s where I found Summer this morning.

Wrong side of the tape Summer!

Wrong side of the tape Summer!

She would like it known that she disagrees with management’s plan to ration grass as a precaution against drought later this season. As a result she made a unilateral decision to dine at the All You Can Eat buffet in the Top Paddock.


Awesome menu over here.

Sigh. I guess she failed to grasp the moral content of last week’s bedtime story The Ant and the Grasshopper. Bonnie stayed on the right side of the tape because she is a good girl because she is short for her weight which rules out both jumping and limbo dance maneuvers.

Note to self: Put sorting out the property’s disconnected mains electric fencing system high on my 2016 project list. The solar charger is losing power in this cloudy weather.



  1. Oh dear, not again! Still, who can blame her. The meadow is looking particularly lush after all the rain.

    • She’s looking forward to the time when you will be feeding her carrots off your deck.

      • As am I, and she’s certainly up to quite enough tricks to deserve a carrot or two. Although perhaps not the kinds of tricks I had in mind!

    • Yeah, Summer says pretty delicious. She says if you want to come up and visit you can sit in her meadow with a glass of wine while Geoff looks for dung beetles 🙂

  2. Ah now there is a plan to visit, has our Nursey colleague text you? My chicken fancying Younger Son is desperate to come since he heard you had bees …

    • Awesome. Will be great to see you. Our bees still at the old house, hoping to move them up sometime soon. We’ve found we have wild bees in a hollow tree in the wood though!!! How cool is that?

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