Rain Day

Rain on New Years Day! I feel very happy sitting inside with my cup of tea watching those lovely droplets falling on the orange grove, irrigating the orchard and the paddocks, and filling up our water tank.

Beautiful rain

Beautiful rain

The grass here has been drying out and turning brown over the last few weeks so it’s a relief to have rain to (fingers crossed) stimulate another flush of green. Drought is predicted for our part of the country over summer; a scary prospect for this novice farmer. We still have hay in the shed, but Bonnie and Summer eat like — well, like horses actually — and I have no idea yet how much grass will be enough.

Farm clothing

Essential farm equipment #1: raincoats

Relying on tank water is also new to us and keeps me very connected with the weather. During these recent dry times there’s been a little query in my head each time I turn on a tap. ‘How much do we have left in the tank?’, ‘Is this flush my last?!’. Of course I knew living in town that clean water was a limited resource, but when it keeps coming out of the tap endlessly it’s easy to become just a little complacent. I like being self sufficient for water and the sense of responsibility that engenders.


Essential farm equipment #2: gumboots

Earlier today, when the rain was a drizzle rather than a downpour, I was working on a garden project. Once the rain eases up and I can take some less waterlogged photos (it’s going to be my Mediterranean garden corner so a modicum of sunshine would be appropriate), I’ll write my first before and after post, just like a real blogger!

Kitty-Pop helped me a bit with the gardening. Mainly that involved sitting where I wanted to plant something and insisting on being the first to walk on the paving slabs.


‘Move to the left a bit with that lavender plant, slave’

Then she retired to a dry spot on top of the barbecue to give her directions from there. Never take gardening advice from a cat, they’re always wanting more catnip and less kale.



  1. you neglected typical feline gardening advice like “Oh, I wouldn’t dig there —,… well, I warned you” and “Not there. Not there. Not there. … Mmm, not there.”

  2. Happy New Year
    Hasn’t been very Summery , there has been some fishing,adventures with picnic packed for intrepid young ones,I’ve done lots of baking and sorting of 10 yrs worth of accumulated Manchester and books etc.
    Looking out the window and we really are on an Island.
    No sign of the mainland,heavy persistent rain.
    I hope you have a generator in case of power cutscenes
    There is a way of having a marker for your tank,I’ll ask Husband when he’s finished writing.
    We have 3 ,always good to have extra,but I grew up in Northland, know how to be frugal ,but tanks full again
    Not complaining,just would be nice to get the kids outside more for the holidays.
    Hope you get the house on the market soon,will make your life easier.

  3. Kawau Island
    Holiday house
    Sounds grand,just simple.
    Forever home for the kids,city home for now but we will sell it eventually
    This one is for all of us/them x

    • Happy New Year to you too. So nice to hear from you. I love the idea of your house on the island. Reminds me of that Elizabeth Goudge children’s book ‘Make Believe’. Hope you are getting a chance to relax as well as looking after the young ones and being domestic.

      I would be very keen to hear ideas for a water level marker, that would help my anxieties no end. And gosh yes, a generator, hadn’t thought of that but will get onto it soon I think, before winter. Thank you for that rural wisdom, and your kind wishes about the house. 🙂

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