Chainsaw II

It is a fact universally acknowledged, that a man in possession of seven acres of woodland must be in want of a chainsaw (I know… sorry). Thus there have been numerous chainsaw related conversations since arrival at the farmlet and taking over management of the Seven Acre Wood.

Ella in Seven Acre Wood

Ella in Seven Acre Wood. Notice how much less JC is in evidence.

Large and small, petrol and electric, have all been duly considered, with the Forbearing Husband favouring the  Stihl MS251C. Sadly for him I was blessed with a vivid imagination, and after picturing all kinds of terrifying blood-spurting, limb-detaching scenarios I’ve vetoed that purchase until completion of a chainsaw safety course*. In the meantime we agreed on a smaller and cheaper ‘starter’ level amputation device chainsaw.

Only mildly terrifying chainsaw.

Only mildly terrifying chainsaw. For smaller massacres only.

This model was recommended by The Horsewoman, who also has a healthy fear of items with appendage severing potential. She got one for Christmas and says it’s a breeze to start, easily managed by a beginner, and is her new favorite farming tool. The Forbearing Husband is off to buy chainsaw chaps and we are booked in with our friend The Gentleman Farmer of Paparoa for a day of tuition on safe chainsaw use.

* Actually Forbearing Husband was totally in agreement about the safety course. He’s sensible like that.



  1. Mmm, chaps. Leather, I presume? With big shiny buckles perhaps? S can supply a hard hat and a few other ‘safety’ items and we have ourselves a calendar. That may be the only business idea I ever have for the property but you must admit it’s a goodie.

        • Does Geoff know that you are offering him around like this?! I would love to borrow him, and also you, for a few days. Geoff can pose with Doug, and you and I will pose with glasses of bubbles! 🙂

          • Well no I did not consult him … but he’s quite biddable and we can frame it as a compliment 🙂 We are definitely keen to visit in the more summery time!!!

          • Certainly a compliment, we are only engaging very hunky men for the proposed calendar project. Doug is of course quite muscular what with all that dung digging. 🙂

  2. Ugh you wuss! Get one of these buggers! A real mans chainsaw!
    Weighing in at 508 pounds, with a 300 horsepower V8 engine, this chainsaw, at a devastating speed of 200 miles per hour, can cut you wee woodland into sawdust in 1 minute 25 seconds!! Chee-hoo! Check it out –

    • Ah, Forbearing bro-in-law, you have all the bright ideas! Do they have a limbs-amputated-per-second score for that model? Love and hugs to you and my lovely sis-in-law (and to Tessa-pup).

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