You know how I said about our kitchen cupboard doors being a bit dodgy? Well, this happened.

Not working

That door is missing because the hinges came apart.

Now when you tell a friend that things came unhinged in your kitchen, and then a few days later you get this in the letterbox:

Beware of the dogs (haha)

Beware of the dogs (haha!)

Which contains these:

Useful stuff

Assorted kitchen cupboard hinges.

Well, then you know you have a good friend. Coz good friends send hardware.

Thank you (you know who you are).



    • Well there’s a thought. If I can’t fix the door I’ll embrace it as part of a post-modern industrial design aesthetic.

  1. I think if you are going for the post-modern industrial look you will need to replace the entire contents of your cupboard with new and shiny stainless steel kitchen implements. 🙂

    • Your style advice is, as always, spot on. If only my bank balance was up to it.

  2. And OMG I bought a Trelise Cooper dress (in a lovely violet hue) at the Hospice Shop for $25 in the weekend! AND I only realised who the label was AFTER I decided to buy it!! Go Me! (not exactly farmlet wear though …) Just wanting to share …

    • Wow, what a fab bargain. Please send photos (I assume you will be accessorising it with your tiara).

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