When a man who once lived in Nottingham visited The Seven Acre Wood.

Windtamer bow

He brought his bow and arrows with him.

Straw Bale

We persuaded a brave hay bale to stand in for The Sheriff.


And training of our little band of Merry Men began.


Ready your Bow! Nock! Mark! Draw! Loose!

Funnily enough, although the Sheriff took a few hits, there was quite a bit of looking for arrows that hadn’t landed where we had planned.


Here’s our man to show how it’s done though.

Archery in woodland

He learned archery while growing up in Michigan, but here he looks every inch the medieval outlaw.

Arrows in straw bale

The hay bale didn’t feel a thing.

Little Star Archery Bow

So guess what I just bought on Trade Me?

I wonder whether I could ever get good enough to use a bow from horseback. I think just riding around carrying one might be enough of a thrill to start with. Who’d like to try archery?



  1. Ooh what fun! Count me in as I’ve bin practicing the archers pose for years (last of my 5 regular Tai Chi exercises)!

  2. I would like to suggest that the Man from Nottingham would make a delightful addition to The Calendar.

    • Yes indeed! A very fine idea. I will run that by his handler ask him about that. That would be five participants. Now if we can just get a certain flamboyant male colleague of yours interested they could pose for 2 months of the year each. DS could have the summer months if he’s interested.

  3. Excellent. I have actually changed my volunteer but that’s probably an in person conversation. He recently holidayed in Iceland because it was “interesting” so could be ideal for Winter.

    • Thank goodness you are visiting soon so we can have that conversation! Very much looking forward to seeing you x

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