Patience Rewarded

It worked! There is one less rat under the chicken house, and this old girl is the reason. See, it’s true, good things do run into the mouths of dogs who wait.

Victory is mine!

Quietly triumphant

I was going to post a photo of the dead rat, but on reflection thought you might prefer a portrait of one of the recent batch of chicken babies. Cute chicky vs chewed rat? Mmmm, let’s just say it behoves one to uphold a certain aesthetic standard.

We call this one Solo

We call her Solo — she’s five weeks old and practicing roosting

To date five rats have been caught in the rat trap too. Don’t tell Ella though, we like to preserve her fantasy that she’s the only thing standing lying between us and the rat king.



  1. What a wonderful reward for the dear old dog!
    I don’t mind pictures of mangled rats,horrible things
    We have a constant bait station at our place on Kawau as does everyone,you wouldn’t believe how far they can swim and how long they can stay alive in the ocean!
    Lovely little chic,had the ones we had back to the farm because they were being picked off by Rats!,coming up the cliffs from the marina!
    Got the council onto regular baiting ,but I haven’t had the heart to try again.My girls were so upset,being city kids,not a country bumpkin like me.
    Talking of girls,they would LOVE your pool,have been reminding their Dad,he said he’d think about it every day!!!

    • Yes, the old dog got lots of cuddles and praise for her efforts. Since I posted this she has caught another one so she’s on a roll now. The pool is lovely, encourage their dad to get onto it for summer. As Deborah pointed out it’s great for menopausal hot flushes too!

      How lovely to have a place on Kawau!

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