Not a Pony

Favorite Stepson was mumbling about his need for a means of transport. He wanted something responsive and maneouverable with excellent fuel economy. I thought this could be the perfect solution.

Friesian horse

Because who wouldn’t want one of these?

Strangely, he had other ideas, and instead we are welcoming a small Japanese car to the farmlet.

To the newcomer’s credit it is light on hay consumption, and — so far — has not roamed from its assigned area during the night. More than I can say for some other farmlet inhabitants. What Favorite Stepson’s little metal box lacks in swag, it certainly makes up for in docile subservience. Not a bad quality in a first mount.

What’s your ideal mode of transport? Do you favour a mild mannered Toyota? Or prefer to ride something a little more challenging? For my part I’d be quite keen on dashing through the snow in a one horse open sled.




    • I wish! I think those would class as your less-docile style metal box.

  1. Love the colour scheme of the suggested mode of transport! Btw you didn’t mention the colour of said metal box- ? Swimming Friend R favours a yellow Tiger but says they are a bit flighty and hard to handle – ET and I would settle for a Cessna but a bit pricey for first vehicle …so congratulations and best wishes to Favourite Stepson and the noble Nissan. PS ET likes the look of the Fly boards too with vertical take-off:)

    • Favorite Stepson has a silver Toyota Yaris, we call it ‘racing silver’. I’d never come across a flyboard before, but wow they look like fun!

  2. Chicken Boy brazenly manipulated me into buying him a cat this weekend by explaining why Tony Attwood would agree he needed one. I suppose I should be grateful he didn’t want a car or a horse… We now have a lovely ginger tabby named Hephaestus after the Greek God of Fire.

    • Invoking the Power of Attwood — very crafty. Top marks to Chicken Boy for his skills of persuasiveness. Hephaestus is a great name for a ginger cat. How are the other kitties (resident and itinerant) reacting to the new arrival though?

      • The integration of the cats is going OK. Hephaestus Cat is a young desexed male, apparently the best match for Niko Cat, a young desexed female. We are now at the stage of letting them wander freely about the house at the same time. Niko Cat will growl but can’t be bothered putting the effort into any sort of movement it seems. We haven’t seen a lot of Pudding Cat at all this Winter, and as you once wisely pointed out she does have her own house to go to!

        • She does, but I bet it doesn’t have such a cosy library corner as yours. Glad the others are settling well together. x

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