Fun with Fungi

One of the exciting things about autumn on the farmlet has been seeing mushrooms, toadstools and other fungi popping up around the place.

Here are some that Deborah and I spotted last weekend. I started trying to identify them, but you wouldn’t believe how very similar various different species of fungi look. After several hours scrutinising Google images I gave up. I’ve noted where they were found though, and the farmlet map is over here if you want to check locations.


The Strip Paddock.


The Strip Paddock.


Near the path on the south side of the house.


Seven Acre Wood.

Seven Acre Wood

Seven Acre Wood.


The Top Paddock.

Aren’t they pretty? I guess some could even be edible too, although we are definitely not going to be testing that out (see my complaint above about fungi being difficult to identify). Instead we’ll stick to our plan to inoculate some of the fallen trees in Seven Acre Wood with shiitake mushrooms. We’ve also got plenty of growing medium for portobello mushrooms courtesy of our on-site EnviroFert Crew.

Who’s in for mushrooms on toast?



  1. Lovely variety – but don’t eat as you might just join the ‘undead’ and end up going amuck with the beautifully tidy garden implements. Be a shame to untidy your handywork.

    • Very good advice. We will definitely be waiting to eat mushrooms on toast until we have our cultivated fungi.

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