Back on the Horse

This evening I rode Summer for the first time since our move to the farmlet. A combination of my absence due to Auckland commitments, winter weather, and eventually just sheer nerves (OMG, can I even remember how to ride?), has had one of my favorite activities on hold for the last 18 months.

Anyway, after a couple of fortifying glasses of chardonnay (let’s not judge), the Forbearing Husband, the ponies, and I toddled off to the Seven Acre Wood. Because I’m way too old to do this, the Forbearing Husband kindly gave me a leg-up. Soon Summer and I were walking behind Bonnie, perambulating at fat-miniature-pony pace through the woods. Every so often Summer would try to bite Bonnie’s backside to encourage increased forward movement!*

Summer was a complete angel, even though I know she far prefers the usual low effort (i.e. no passenger) version of our woodland walks. Her reward was carrot and a jolly good scratch under her mane. She found both most delicious.

* Those of The Readership who rode with me at the now defunct Valley View Ranch may remember a similar dynamic when Summer walked behind ‘Jazz-the-Couch’ (Jazz — the ultimate learner’s pony; a back like a table, and an aversion to any pace faster than a slow walk).



  1. Excellent! May it be the first of many! Summer looks much bigger with you riding her. 🙂 Jazz sounds like my kind of horse.

    • Short person on a short pony! I think it’s all about proportions. Jazz was a lovely girl. We need a Jazz on the property for you and FH to ride.

  2. Absolutely delighted you back in the saddle and enjoying yr beautiful And utility darling Summer xxxx

  3. Good one Christina now that it’s summer great to get back into riding again. Bonnie’s perfect to keep pace at a pleasant amble. I can’t see her galloping off unless it’s to reach a carrot first before Summer ha ha

    • Haha, yes, other than the slim possibility of chasing runaway carrots, Bonnie is the perfect pace-setter.

  4. Oh well done you and Summer.
    I haven’t ridden for so long and I should do something about It as I love to ride.
    Also excellent exercise for all , especially the more middle aged 😀

    • It is such fun, and definitely gets the thighs and buttocks working, especially riding bareback.

  5. Could you use your cute new stile to mount Summer? Just a thought but it would be be a pretty scene 🙂

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