Remember when we built a bridge?


Here’s a reminder of what it looked like in March

Bridge with uprights

Here it isΒ in June. Now with the Game of Thrones embellishments

Bridge and pony

Here is how ponies get across the bridge. First we have to snort at the trolls

Bridge and ponies2

Then we can trip trap, trip trap …

Bridge and ponies3

all the way across.

Pony and tradescanthia

‘Of course I walked across. Whatever did you all think?’


As for Bonnie? No worries from her about trolls. They’d have to catch her first.



  1. nice vertical suspenders on the bridge β€” will they joined by broad metal chain?

  2. Ooh poor Summer was probably traumatised by GoT embellishments – were they pony skulls she thought?😝 but in the end, the grass is always greener . …..

    • Always. Besides the small pony had been across first and was going to eat up all the green-ness if Summer didn’t trip trap soon.

  3. Ha ha ha
    Looks great!
    Ponys aren’t top of the list for Trolls anyway!
    Needs a few Svered heads for that authentic GOT look πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ»
    Well done xx

    • Thanks. We’ll have to work on the severed heads. I do have a lovely niece with a talent for special effects make-up so maybe she can help us with some props. Are you out there darling zombie-girl?

    • Thanks goodness. For a minute there I thought this was going to be a link to severed heads.

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