It’s Fig Season

We are sharing our crop with fantails, bees, and our chickens. Accessing figs is a great chicken exercise opportunity as they spring into the air to peck at just-above-chicken-height fruit. It’s as well we have more than one fig tree. Plenty for everyone.

Figs and cheese

Figs are so photogenic.

I take mine on crackers with blue cheese. Well at least that’s what I do with the ones that make it back to the house. Most of them I eat right there under the tree. Delicious.

What’s your favorite way to eat figs?



  1. With my granola, yoghurt and chillean guavas. Also agree with you nothing better thsn straight off the tree watching the antics of the waxeyes fiesting. Shared lunch!

    • I don’t know. The tree was here when we got here and has no label. We have two varieties though, this one is more pinkish on the outside; the other one down by the barn is a brown fig and ripens later in the season.

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