We woke up this morning to the first frost of this winter. I was so glad of our recently refurbished wood-burner. It reliably burns all night now, just needing the damper opened up and a couple more logs thrown on in the morning to heat things up to toasty.


Eau de Cologne mint with ice edging.

Poor ponies eating ice covered grass for breakfast. Although really Bonnie’s forebears would have been quite used to that. Come to think of it, so would Summer’s, it gets pretty chilly up on there the Central Plateau.



Don’t worry, I took some hay out for them to munch on until things thawed. Spoiled rotten those two!



    • Just as well we don’t have a stallion. Or any cannon ball racks.

  1. Iced mint julep? Or praps a g&t wd be better?
    Am still looking at knitted balaclava patterns – hope to have one made before summer…..

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