Farm Projects 2015/2016: Part 2

Here we go! As promised, my aspirational to-do list for 2016.

Just so you know Forbearing Husband likes to remind me I am an eternal optimist on all things. This ranges from ‘How long will it take to get from A to B?’ (my estimate is always around 3/4 of his — he is usually right), to whether he will win accolades and awards for his latest work (I am usually right).


Miniature climbing rose near front porch. Anyone know what this one is called? It has the flower size and growth habit of Cécile Brünner, but a red flower with a white eye.

So, it’s completely possible that not all of this will happen, but this is the plan:

  • Complete seven wire fencing in the strip paddock. It has full fencing on two sides and nothing on the other two. This project requires either: lots of dollars; or, a moderate amount of dollars, use of the resource, and me learning to fence. How hard can it be?
  • Trace the mains electric fencing and repair the various breaks and snipped wires so that we can get it operating and use it to keep ponies where they are meant to be.
  • Clear away the many saplings and shrubs growing through (and shorting out) the fencing wires in the top paddock. This is a job for The Chainsaw. [As I’ve been writing the Forbearing Husband has already started on this project].
  • Rehang the front gate and top paddock gate so that they open and close without dragging across the ground.
  • Have the shelter belts trimmed. Requires dollars.
  • Roof painting at both houses. More dollars.
  • Repair roof leaks in the tack shed and barn. Oh, and last night our bedroom ceiling leaked right above the bed. Lets add that one to the list shall we?! Mark it urgent.
  • Replace the laundry loo with a low flush toilet to ease demand on the water tank.
  • Track the stream water irrigation system and repair the breaks in the line. Also figure out how to operate the mysterious ‘Lever B’ referred to on the site water map, which apparently diverts steam water to operate the flush on the bathroom toilet.
  • Continue development of the larger vegetable gardens (see reference to slum housing in Part 1 post).
  • Have the macrocarpa tree, the one that that shades the chicken run and orchard, felled and milled for timber. There is an exciting possibility we might eventually use that timber to replace our present, rather uninspiring, 80’s-carpet-over-particleboard flooring.
  • Which reminds me that given the general 1980’s vibe through the house interior I’m keen to get started on some renovating. I have loads of ideas (1,100+ Pinterest pins!), and I am the woman who owns two shoe boxes full of Resene paint charts (including every iteration of the Karen Walker collection chart — I know, it’s just sad).
  • Weeding, weeding, always more weeding.

And there it is. My list. I imagine other residents of the farmlet will have their own ideas. The Forbearing Husband may or may not be looking forward to an archery practice range in the Seven Acre Wood, and I understand Darling Daughter has plans to construct a rope bridge to The Island. I also believe there is one ex-workmate who is terrifically keen to milk a goat (yes, you know who you are!).

Allons-y, Allonso!’.



  1. Not to mention to crochet! Although crochet is more of a winter sport when you are snuggled inside with your fire blazing …

    • Yes, definitely want to crochet! After you visiting and giving me that crochet tutorial I have ambitions for a blanket. I’m starting with the Harmony squares and will see how far I get. 🙂

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