Easter Nesting

I’ve spent Easter unpacking. We schlepped up the first load of our furniture and belongings from the old house last weekend, marking the end of our ‘glamping in the Northland house’ phase. It’s been fun for the last eight months, but was getting less so as time went on. There is a lot to be said for the convenience of a fridge that doesn’t leak (much as I’ve been grateful for the use of that incontinent fridge), and a comfortable settee to collapse into while watching the latest episode of The Good Wife.

getting there

Partway through unpacking

We are far from fully organised, but over the last few days the number of boxes lining the walls has reduced from fifty-plus, down to seven. I’ve been shoving stuff into cupboards and onto shelving any-old-how with a promise to myself that I’ll tidy it later. I find that hard. I like pretty storage, but right now just getting everything unpacked is the priority.

Hope you’ve had a lovely Easter. Here’s a bonus picture of Bonnie working hard at becoming Easter egg shaped.

Bonus picture of Bonnie eating

Bonnie — getting fatter by the minute



  1. We must arrange delivery of your cushion, preferably over wine. I have been couch testing it and can report it is very comfy 🙂

    • Yes, definitely. Cushion delivery and testing with wine would be perfect. At the mo my Auckland days are dominated by emptying out the old house but after that’s done (handover on 14 Apr) maybe I can bring wine to yours? Or you are more than welcome in Northland any time if you want a break from the city xx

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