Bearing Fruit

Stephen of House Kragbol is our resident possum sniper. Many’s the evening he’s ventured out with his headlamp and rifle, while the rest of us tender-hearted snowflakes lurk inside, grateful that someone else is doing what needs to be done.

This summer, after two years and over 100 confirmed kills, Stephen’s extermination efforts are bearing fruit. And not just metaphorically.

Nashi pears on tree

An abundance of nashi pears


Apples — possibly Granny Smiths. On bare branches due to the sheep having hoovered up all the leaves.

Pears on tree

Pears aplenty.

Black Fig

Literally hundreds of figs.

Lady Finger Banana

And this dubious looking article is a Lady Finger Banana.

Lady Finger Banana

The inside looks familiar. More starchy and sweeter than supermarket bananas, they are delicious.

Yes, we have bananas! A tree full of pears, where previously we had only a handful, also apples, nashi pears, and more figs than I’ve ever seen before. I knew the possums must be eating some of our fruit, but I had never realised just how much went down those furry little gullets. 

With that in mind, we all pitched in to buy Stephen a possum control assistant. A humane and self-resetting Goodnature A12 trap, which we’ve installed near the bridge into the Seven Acre Wood. So now, although I’m still a spineless townie when it comes to offing possums up close and personal, at least I feel like I’m contributing. Let’s not judge.



  1. Tutti frutti! Great work. You’ll be very healthy with peachy skin – hopefully not furry.

    • Yes, all the fruits! I must get your yummy recipe for fig and ginger chutney from you.

  2. Go Stephen! It’s great to know those fruit trees are actually capable of bearing fruit after so many largely barren years. Next year plums!?

    • I will keep that in mind for when I’m more competent at the spinning side of things. 😀

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