Back in the Kitchen

In order to avoid accidental injury I suggest my friends and family seat themselves for this shock announcement…  I’ve spent the last 10 minutes having a most enjoyable time washing dishes!

Washing up

Including my very favorite horse mug which was a present from AntiGene and UnklEd

Fun fact about Chrissy for those who don’t know. Washing up is my very least favorite thing to do. I am the woman who owned a dishwasher long before she owned a television. I despise doing dishes.

Today was different though. It’s the first time in six weeks that we’ve had running water in the kitchen. Hence, although I have a working dishwasher right beside me I have been indulging in the excitement of turning the kitchen tap on and off, admiring the the way hot and cold water flow out of it, and listening with pleasure to the gentle gurgle of water escaping down working waste pipes in the sinks. Not to mention the satisfaction of putting clean dishes onto a kitchen bench on which they have no chance of being up-ended into the cupboard below by a less than perfectly balanced chopping board. My goodness, it is all SO VERY convenient.

In the spirit of this fair old bonanza of kitchen excitement, let me show you some progress shots.

Kitchen bench 2


Kitchen bench 1


Now let’s not for even a minute pretend I’m finished renovations here. Try to ignore that large hole above the stove, the architrave round the window that was removed for the bench to be eased into place, the taped on power points (!), the insane amount of 1980’s ‘pine crime’, and the screaming need for me to get on with that white tile splash-back. In the meantime though, how about we just stroke the new bench-tops and wash up a few of our favorite mugs?


EXPENDITURE UPDATE: As foreshadowed in this post, I did finally decide on stainless steel benches. They were a (very) big outlay, but I was sold on the durability and ease of cleaning. Macrocarpa slab, although a cheaper material, required a separate sink purchase, and a cabinet maker to mitre cut and join corners and adjust the bench to fit our out-of-square walls. In the end the difference in cost wasn’t going to be as big as it had initially seemed. Still, never having bought a kitchen bench before I’m horrified by how expensive they turn out to be. Perhaps you’ll want to sit down again before being apprised of the cost.

Kitchen expenditure so far:

  • Secondhand Smeg stove (Trade Me): $350.00
  • F&P dishwasher (Harvey Norman): $1678.00 (ouch)
  • Plumbing parts for d/w installation: $31.00
  • 1 litre of Resene paint ‘Indian Ink’ (used about 2/3 can for 2 coats): $54.00
  • Sylvan cabinet handles ‘Gatwick’ in brushed aluminium 14@$7.08ea: $99.12
  • Stainless steel benches: $5430.67 (double-triple ouch — counting on them lasting for-eva!).
  • Greens Volt Kitchen Mixer Tap: $199
  • Paul the Plumber for install of new tap and waste pipes: $127.16
    • Subtotal spent so far = $7968.95
  • Income from selling the stove that came with the house on Trade Me: -$246.00
  • Income from selling old bench and sink to Restoration Warehouse: -$30
  • Total spent to date = $7692.95




  1. regarding your manual dishwashing, you sound in need of psychological help. i know of someone in that line of work.

  2. Dish washing warms the fingers – not that I remember as the other half is our manual dishwasher. So, are you now an inside person?
    Whose is that show home kitchen? 🙂 (don’t know how to emoji the sunglasses person so use your imagination pls)

    • Show home! Lol, you are very sweet. I did tidy a little bit, but the bench is so new it hasn’t yet got cluttered up by real life. Inside is only good when it’s raining, and even then I don’t actually do much housework. I may be a lost cause… 🙂
      Please say ‘hi’ to that lovely manual-dishwasher bloke of yours, and ask him to please bring you to Northland asap. I miss you my sis-in-the-garden. x

  3. Water Play is such fun, especially in a shiny new kitchen! I wonder how many $$$s it would cost to make dusting fun?!

    • Hmmm. Dusting with feathers still attached to a live chicken might make it more exciting… But fun? I’m not sure.
      Readers, ideas for fun with dusting anyone?

  4. Dusting!!? Disgusting. I have heard that painting is fun ie choc body, but you’ve already decorated in blue.

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